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Wellness Thy Medicine

Updated: 6 days ago

Each workshop, we will cover a wellness 'medicine' that is key to improving health and overall wellbeing. Some of the medicines we will discuss are Sleep, Exercise, Water, Food, and Fasting.

We will show you simple ways to work with these medicines that will help you heal and improve your quality of life.

Our first Wellness Thy Medicine workshop was Sleep Thy Medicine, it was for sure a healing experience.

Download Free Sleep Guide:

Next up, we have Exercise Thy Medicine! This is obviously Chief’s favorite form of medicine. Join us and experience the dynamics of how we use this medicine to improve your wellness.


In this free workshop you will:

Learn the importance of exercise and its connection to overall wellbeing.

Utilize the medicine of exercise to improve your energy levels and overall health.

Get tips on how to improve your fitness levels, set fitness goals and track fitness effectively, select herbs that increase energy levels, and create an intentional mindframe around fitness and working out.


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