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Elements of Leo Emotion(Energy)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

In this post, we are talking about elements that make up the Leo Emotion or Energy in Motion.

When I refer to emotion, I’m talking about the energy in motion. No matter your sun sign, we all have Leo Energy. You can utilize this information to become aware of how you experience Leo energy in your life.

Developing awareness of this is helpful for gaining an understanding of this emotion as well as how and why it is manifesting in your life.

Leo is the second zodiac sign within the Summer season. However, it’s the 5th Zodiac sign in astrology.

Leo emotion is our ability to express ourselves, experience those expressions, connect to our true nature, and be persistent when things get challenging.

Its Zodiac Season is from July 23rd - August 22nd.

Summer is the time to project. Use Leo energy to project intentional expressions.

It connects with the Numerology of 5.

The number 5 relates to - constructive freedom, variety, change, action, restlessness, life experience, pioneering, adventure, rebellion, multi-talented, independent, free-thinking, unconventional, adaptability, conflict

It connects with the 5th house in astrology which is the house of ‘pleasure’.

  • It is about being oneself and how to enjoy life.

  • It is where you form your hobbies and interests.

  • It is where you develop what kind of physical activity and exercise you enjoy.

  • The themes are ‘inner child’, creativity, expression, passion, persistence, performance, fun, adventure, excitement, love affairs, lovemaking exercise, movement, activity.

It is a fixed Sign:

  • immovable, fixated, tenacious, determined, and stubborn.

It is a fire element:

  • bold, brash, creative, passionate, courageous, impulsive, and daring

It relates to the Spiritual Self:

  • Our sense of values

  • It is our principles and beliefs that give life meaning and that guide our decisions

  • It creates our inspiration and motivation

  • It helps us make sense of our experiences

  • It seeks meaningful connections

  • It creates meaning for our life

It connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra which is our source of:

  • confidence, self-esteem, willpower, strength, self-control, vitality, purpose, and direction

Its symbol is the lion.

  • Lions are a symbol of majesty, strength, courage, leadership, royalty, power, pride, family devotion, wisdom, sun, solar energy, and esteem.

  • They are authoritative, ferocious, and protective.

It’s ruled by the Sun.

  • The Sun symbolizes life, energy, positivity, clarity, and confidence.

  • It represents our conscious mind which is an aspect of ourselves that connects to our current awareness, focus, and attention. It contains all of the thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes of which we are aware at any given moment.

Here are some Qualities of the Leo Emotion:

  • passionate, proud, confident, ambitious, creative, progressive, optimistic, sincere, warm, affectionate, romantic, self-assured, idealistic, vain, false modesty, childish, show off, autocratic, extravagant, conceited, cruel, egotistical, lustful, pleasure seeker, pretentious

  • Its Key Phrase is I Will.

The Anatomy of Leo is heart, blood circulation, blood pressure, heart rate, sides, upper back.

Each one of these parts or actions of the body can symbolize different aspects of how we behave.

Heart: How we create meaning from our experiences

Heart Rate: How we keep tempo in our lives

Blood Pressure: How we act under pressure

Blood Circulation: How we create flow

Sides: How we give and receive

Upper back: How we feel support from past efforts

Sensations in these parts of the body are the body’s way of communicating info to you about your Leo energy and what may need healing.

Minor or major issues in these areas can signal disconnection within your Leo energy.

Here are some signs of Disconnection within Leo Energy:

Heart: Lack of meaningful experiences

Heart Rate: Lack of time management

Blood Pressure: Lack of resolve

Blood Circulation: Lack of clarity

Sides: Lack of balance in giving and/or receiving

We can help you to understand your emotions, heal your energy, and work through mind drama that keeps you from what you deeply desire.

Book a discovery call and let’s talk about your deepest desire and how to get it.

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