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The Wellness Experience

Spend time in nature healing the mind, body and soul with someone who gets you! Our wellness experiences encourages a continuous state of active healing. They are offered in person and combines a various services: Intuitive talk, Intuitive Energy Reading ( uses the tarot and guidance cards ) , Energy Healing ( Uses Reiki Energy ), Conscious Breathing, Mindful Meditation, Womb/ Yoni Massage, and Groin Massage, Rose Healing Massage together to provide a healing and productive session tailor for your specific needs and interest. These offerings will be intuitively curated.

In our experience, we will ground ourselves in the beauty and comfort of nature as we walk through City Park. We will find the perfect spot to talk about what’s going on in your wellness journey. We will practice deep breathing to connect with our higher selves. We will meditate on our surroundings and take note of the clouds and the birds. We will connect with the trees and feel the wind and sun touch our skins.

We will have beautiful, enlightening conversations about life. I will bring tea made fresh using herbs and spices from our home garden or ethnically sourced. We will be grateful for being and practice mindfulness. We will state intentions for sharing space and say affirmations. We will consult the tarot for any insight and/ or guidance. I will assist you with the practice of stillness and help you connect with yourself and nature by practicing reiki healing. We may do some stretches and yogic movement. Our wellness experience is 3hrs in length and we will provide Freshly Brewed Tea

Our Intention: The intention for our wellness sessions is to raise vibrations by promoting overall balance of mind, body, and soul.

  1. To provide harmonious energy to the soul we encounter.

  2. Be present and make genuine connections

  3. Initiation of the healing process

Our Goals:

  • Listen to you, help you sort out some mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical conflicts that may be blocking you from getting in the flow of your life.

  • Help you set some intentions for your healing and your stay here in New Orleans.

  • Give tips on where to find some high vibrational foods and experiences in Nola.

  • Assist you in your manifestations. I will help you realize what you need to do to open up communication between you and the universe.

  • Assist in unblocking any of your chakras and

  • Assist in balancing out your masculine and feminine energy.

  • Assist you in nourishment tips you could use to make better decisions for your health.

  • Provide insights on what I feel is going on in your internal world that you may be missing.

  • Help bring clarity to some situations inn your life.

Possible Benefits:

  1. Promotes a Relaxing flow of energy long after session

  2. Assist in the Release of stress & tension

  3. Encourages Clarity in thoughts and feelings

  4. Helps to bring Balance to the emotional cycles

  5. Encourages a Connection to higher Self

  6. Enhances Balancing of sexual energy

  7. Opens Awareness to what really matters

Interested in reserving space & time for an experience?

IG DM: @wellnesshonie


TXT OR CALL: 504 321 3110

You can also book an experience here or on the Air bnb webpage! Live outside of New Orleans? Email me at, send chat message, or send message via contact and we will see if we can accommodate. We look forward to sharing space and assisting in your wellness journey!

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