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Seven Energy Assessment + Reading With Treatment

Seven Energy Assessment + Reading With Treatment ⠀⠀

THEMES:Spiritual Knowledge , Oneness , Completion , Connection , Balance , God / Christ Consciousness , Initiation , Leveling Up , Wisdom , Intuition , Knowing , Remembering , Receptive

INTENTION:be open to spiritual connection in all forms it comes in.

MENTAL BEING Energy Reading: Energy is highly spiritual today. Seek guidance from Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Higher Beings, Higher Consciousness Universal Forces. Meditation and stillness should be top on your list of things to do today. Focus on balancing Root Chakra and opening 3rd Eye.

PHYSICAL BEINGActivity: Lotus Yoga Pose : sit Indian-style with legs crossed; soles of feet facing up; heels by abdomen; back straight. Rest hands on knees with palms facing up.

EMOTIONAL BEINGAffirmation: knowledge is power, and I have all the power I need within me!


Conscious Breathing:

Slowly take full breathe in through nose Hold 7 sec While still holding breathe push stomach out full Hold 7 sec Now slowly release breathe 7 sec ⠀⠀ Allow body to slowly enter stillness for 7 sec Repeat 7x

Soul Being Meditation: Set phone timer for 7 min

Take 7 slow breathes and allow eyes to close ⠀⠀ Visualize gold and/or purple light in shape of cord steaming through the crown of your head. Visual this light slowly moving through your entire body starting in crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root legs then out through feet.

Reverse: In through feet, moving up root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, 3 eye, out through crown. ⠀⠀

Now, relax and allow mind to wander don’t stop thoughts you may be having . Just allow thoughts to move around in brain just witnessing, not judging. If mind begins to focus on any one particular thought adjust your focus to witnessing breathe. Keep relaxing until timer goes off. If more time is desired, repeat meditation until satisfied. #WellnessHonie ⠀⠀⠀ Image 😍🙏🙌👏🤤 via @beatrizmeneses0

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