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My Highest Recorded Weight was 315!!

I struggled with being overweight for most of my life.

Eating good, staying active, and keeping my energy up has always been a big part of my life.

My highest recorded weight was 315lbs!! Wow right, @ 5’11”, yea I was monstrous. I was never really comfortable being that big, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it either.

As they say, you learn better, you do better, so I did better by learning about losing weight. Healthy active lifestyle, dieting, lots of water, you get the picture.

I was doing well, if I must say so myself. However, this was mostly during my college years and pre-marriage, I lost between 40 to 60lbs during this time.

You can probably guess what happens next.

Life shift; job, wife, and first child!

Let’s just say circumstances resulted in me being a whole nother person. I was back up to 305lbs, aggravated a lot, and pressure rising. I was not being the best me at all.

I originally focused on losing weight by changing my diet because at the time I believed that was my problem. Not realizing and not fully understanding why I gained the weight to begin with, more than once.

Focusing on losing weight to be 'healthier', was a surface level solution to a much deeper problem. I did not spend time digging deeper into why I ever gained and maintained all that weight and for so many years.

Not going deeper within my thoughts and memories only created superficial changes that were not sustained when life began to shift and my attention was being pulled on by life changes and distractions.

Without working to become clear on “WHY” I gained and maintained the weight, I ended up going back to old coping mechanisms, reversing my results.

Understanding why I unconsciously allowed myself to get back up to almost 315lbs, beyond blaming it on a surface level observation, i.e. ”I like to eat too good or too much”, was the first step in trying to understand how or why my behavior patterns weren’t serving me.

So I then learned more, like weight gain is symbolic for comfort and it could be a result of lack of security. Having that extra weight can feed the thought that you are safe when deep down you don’t feel safe. The weight can create the illusion of comfort, even when you are not comfortable.

In the past, my lack of feeling secure stemmed from me not believing in the control that I had over my own circumstances and situations.

Presently at a weight of about 175lbs, I’ve come to realize the influence I have over my circumstances and situations.

With this realization, it allows me to face life and myself with a belief that I can handle whatever I’m faced with, and I can feel secure within myself wherever I’m currently at in life.

This is why understanding our past and transforming our thoughts along with changing our habits, makes us more capable of handling life changes for the long term.

Working with us, not only will we help you lose weight, we will help you transform your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, trauma, and anything that keeps you from reaching your fullest potential.

You will begin to really understand how your habits are serving you currently and what you can do naturally to make more sustainable changes over time for the long term.

Where in your life could you be settling for superficial understanding of your present circumstances??

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Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Work with us because not only will we help you lose weight, we will help you transform your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, trauma, and anything that keeps you from reaching your fullest potential!

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