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Half Moon Pisces

Fourth Quarter: Half Moon Pisces

06. 12. 2020 - 06. 20. 2020

On June 12, the 1/2 moon Pisces signal the 4th quarter of the moon cycle. 1/2 moon energies are for decreasing/releasing. Utilize for assessment, down sizing, and completion. Pisces energy is the sign of the unconscious emotions and can give insight into unrealized gifts and dreams. It expresses through our unconscious behaviors such as imagination, addictions, and empathic relations with others.

These are very emotionally sensitive times triggering negative vibes such as anxiousness, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. These emotions are exaggerating the usually minor aches and pains. To deal, we have been self medicating with use of our addictions and indulging in risky behaviors, all to manage our current realities. There is something bubbling underneath the surface. Shadows reveal why we have been so unhappy despite all the many reasons we should be happy. Through deep contemplation you can uncover what really brings joy to your heart and how you can embrace joy right now in your life despite any circumstance. With Mercury Rx Cancer, Summer Solstice and the end of Gemini Season, this week transitions us into Cancer Season where things are only going to get more emotionally chaotic.

Questions to Ponder

What makes you smile from the inside out?

Do you have enough of that in your life currently?


Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy

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