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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

“You know how sometimes you got so much to say but They on-,

they only give you 16? Hehehe Man it's like, I mean, I got so much to say.

The world has said so much to me

And I just wanna give right back to 'em

But, I only get 16, that's like a cage, you know?

I really can't say what I wanna say, you know?

It's just a glimpse, that's all

Just one uh, one little single glimpse, just a page

But I guess I'm defeating the purpose of doing all this talking Aight”

Day 16

Many revelations to be exposed be patient with yourself and the process. No need to put the pressure on just be aware and open to receive information from a various of usual and unusual sources.

Spirit communicates in so many different ways through so many different mediums i.e a message could come in the form of advertisement, social media post, watching movie, commercial, tvshow, song on the radio, meeting new person, reconnection with old relationship and/ or overhearing a conversation that relates to you in someway.

Also, you may see repeating numbers, may have certain feelings when you are around certain people. You may see continuous follow of images, colors, numbers, letters, names, symbols, insects, and animals through out the day. Just Be open, relaxed and observant. It could also be as subtle as an epiphany, vision, reassurance, small voices in mind or ear, unexpected confidence, and/or resolve of an issue.

Remember that is life is school and it is always teaching. You just got to tap in. Whatever answers, confirmation, and/or clarity you seek have always been available to you. You just have to ask the right questions, breathe, relax, trust and go within.

Don’t resist any information no matter if you don’t trust the source of the information. Still always question the authentic of the source and the information, but keep an open mind. Just because the person is questionable doesn’t mean the information isn’t valid for you.

On the flip, don’t be so quick to accept information from people you trust, not even me!! Just because it “seems” right doesn’t mean it “feels” right and it doesn’t mean the information is valid for you. The point is to only rely on Self. Always trust your gut over others words. It will never misguide you, but people will, whether it’s intentional or not. Remember, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” #Proverb #WellnessHonie #Day16

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