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DAY 25 Numerology Energy Assessment

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Day 25 / 7 Numerology Energy Assessment

#2 | Feminine, Moon, Love, Sexuality, Sensuality, Deep Knowing, Partnership, Nurturing, Self Care, Internalize, Empathy, Taurus (2nd zodiac, Earth, Venus, Fixed, April/May, Spring Season), Sustaining, Duality, Learning through Lessons, Mirror, Companion, February (2nd Month, Winter Season) Drive, Orange, Sacral Chakra, Monday #5 | Masculine, Mercury, Progression, Freedom, Balance, Intuition, independence, Expression, Compassion, Enterprising, Experienced, Authentic, May (5th Month, Spring) Leo (5th Zodiac, Fixed, Fire, Sun, July/August, Summer Season), Blue, Throat Chakra, Thursday #7 | Masculine, Neptune, Expansion, Higher Self, Spirituality, Lucky, Deeper Knowledge, Service, Balance, Liberation, Surrender, Libra (7th zodiac, Cardinal, Air, October/November, Fall Season), Harmony, Beginning, Fair, Universal Knowing, Enlightenment, July (7th Month), Purple, Gold, Crown Chakra, Saturday Seemingly conflicting energies, drives your masculine energy. A need to nurture and a need for expansion. Expansion in the mental realms. Stillness is necessary. God is talking to you. Seek refuge in meditation and prayer. Connection with your God is the flow for today.

Balance the sacral and throat chakra to stimulate crown chakra. Express your sensuality by telling yourself or some else how you make yourself feel. It’s healing to your mind to hear your voice speak the truth. Doing it in front of another gives you extra points.

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