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Quarter Four: 1/2 Moon Aquarius

Updated: May 14, 2020

The 4th Quarter is from May 14 - 21


The 4th Quarter Moon is a time for reflection, release, transition, completion, conclusion, foresight.


Sun in Taurus and Moon 3/4 in Aquarius highlights a time of heighten awareness, unique perspectives, creative approaches & applications.


philosophy, spirituality, science, stability, humanity, interdependence, logic, Inventive, science, technology, sociable, tolerance, loyalty, universal love, intellect, intuition


to honor what has been done as to gain insight into the possible lessons and opportunities that are emerging for the next part of the cycle. Plan for what’s to come and how to best utilize the coming energy towards purpose & goals.

Naturi Naughton, Sun Taurus - Moon Aquarius

11 Considerations

  1. Detach from the emotions to see things from a higher view. Reconcile what is “believed” to be truth from what is “known” to be truth

  2. Keep consist effort and persistence towards goals and take creative approaches to mundane activities.

  3. Find unique ways to be resourceful and sustainable. Expand your resources with unconventional investments. Release limiting beliefs about money; increase prosperity

  4. Utilize heighten awareness to discover your genius. Remember what makes you special and always let people know your unique view point

  5. Look into the environmental concerns and adopt a more green approach to your lifestyle.

  6. Reflect back on Taurus Seasons and account for what has had been accomplish and what has not.

  7. Explore the expectations you put on yourself; are they realistic? Can you sustain long term?

  8. Be a rebel with a cause and dedicate self to an noble ideal

  9. Discover missing components to current project and realize solutions to current problems and projects

  10. Look into holistic concepts and try natural & alternative approach for health & wellness concerns

  11. Accept the energy you put out and deal with how you are perceived by others.

3 Celebrities with Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius

#1 Naturi Naughton, May 20th, 1984 Actress/ Singer

"I deal with emotional pain through therapy, writing, therapy in music. I think emotional pain is best dealt with when you use art to express it."

#2 Percy Jackson - Master P April 29, 1967 Actor/ Rapper/ Entrepreneur

"Work hard and never make excuses"

#3 Jessica Alba, April 28, 1981 Actress/ Entrepreneur

“I never just did what people told me. I questioned everything. When I look back, it is really no surprise that I started working at 12.”

Today's Affirmation

Wrap up the cycle and spend time in reflection. What situations this cycle brought up triggers within? Would you like guidance on working with the Sun in Taurus & Moon in Aquarius Energy ? Feel free to contact us at

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