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1st Quarter Moon Pisces

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Pisces Energy brings healing opportunity presenting itself through a past emotional situation you have been dealing with. These hurtful emotions are key to bringing resolve to your current mental dilemmas which will bring positive progressive change in your outer world with help from sun in fiery Sagittarius.Best part about today’s energy is that the moon moves into Aries later today.

Aries Energy brings the fire of the soul into the emotional realm and drives Pisces to bring end to this stubborn and very persistent emotional cycle that you have been in for years now which has been holding you hostage. Pisces seek closure, so Aries can bring in the new emotional cycle. Take this time to heal these wounds, so your current manifestations can break ground and move above to the surface.

Recognize the behavior pattern that you are currently stuck in and have been dependent on and replace with new healthy pattern.This situation is telling you what you really need for your soul’s journey. Trust your intuition because in time all will be revealed. If you stay diligent in your healing by the last full moon of 2018, the answers you seek may be revealed and you will know what you have to do and there will be no turning back. You will find yourself unstuck and you will be free to move forward.

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