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Quarter Two: 1/2 Moon Leo

Updated: May 14, 2020

The Intention for the second quarter (qtr) is to continue taking the necessary steps no matter the challenges faced.

This qtr of the cycle will bring situations that will test our strength, determination, leadership, and decision making skills. Let’s not allow negative thoughts and fears to hold us back from moving forward. It could block the visualization process. During this time, visualize intentions. Take the time to see them in the minds eye and allow to take shape in whatever form it manifest. Leo 1/2 moon during Taurus Season both fixed signs calls for the unity of mind and matter. The goal is to see them both as equally important and necessary parts of being.

3 Considerations for Leo 1/2 Moon Energy during Taurus Season


#1 Reconnect with inner child

Leo is the eternal kid, no matter age or looks. Leo is ruled by the sun and represents our vitality. We know how much vitality kids have. Kids are also passionate, attention seeking, and present which are more examples of the Leo Energy. Leo calls for us to embrace the part of ourself that never grows up and find time for play and doing things that fires that part up.

Advice: Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy the experience of living doing things that lite you up. Reflect back to a time you were having fun doing what you loved. During meditation visualize a younger vision of yourself and what did this version represent.

Activity: Spend time doing something you loved as a kid, doing so will rekindle a personality that has long since been forgotten, but definitely could be useful now with how to move forward.

#2 Unlock Eternal Strengths

Leo represents our endurance and how we use it during the pains of life. Leo knows that even during times of pain, there is an underlying pleasure hidden beneath. Leo knows that if one surrenders to the process, making it through anything is a real possibility. Leo embodies mind over matter. As long as it is doing what it feels is right, it persist on during the most trying circumstances.

Advice: Trust in ability to get through despite circumstance. You have the necessary natural abilities to thrive in trying times. Do so with enthusiasm and with a joyful heart. Let love fill your heart and see how things take a different form.

Activity: Take five deep cleansing breaths deep into heart space. Imagine taking in love and releasing pain from body.

#3 Develop Leadership Skills

Leo is fixed fire and is natural leader. It is good at leading others especially during times of crisis. They are cool under fire and confident in execution. When Leo is balanced, it is able to see its value and value in others. This is how it is able to coordinate efficiently when forces come together. Consequently, Leo can be overbearing with its opinions. It seems to know how things should be and doesn’t understand how others don’t know too ( Their way is the right way ).

Advice: Be the inspiration you know yourself to be, but also allow others the freedom to be themselves. Empower them to reach their fullest potential, not yours.

Activity: Write down 5 qualities that you have and 5 qualities of another. How could these qualities work together and/ or compliment each other?

Possible Opportunities


1. Intuitive messages through interaction with kids

2. Realization of activities once enjoyed are still enjoyable

3. Transform the outer environment for expression of the inner path

4. Utilize acquire knowledge, skill, experiences

5. Activation of pleasure principle

Affirmation for Today



Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy!

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