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28 Living Wellthy Challenge

In 28 days, learn to incorporate these 8 habits -Mindfulness, Fasting, Hydration, Nourishment, Exercise, Connection, Accountability, and Sleep to

  • holistically heal Self from aliments and contradictions to health & well- being

  • overcome mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional  barriers that stops progression on goals

  • balance mind, body, spirit for development of personal power and Self fulfillment 

  • cultivate a holistic lifestyle plan that will cover your health, fitness, and wellness goals. It will be specifically crafted by you and tailored toward your needs and desires. 

What is Wellthy? 


"Wellthy’: possessing resources and resourcefulness to thrive in all areas of life and well-being: Intellectual/Mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social / community,  environmental, vocational / occupational, and financial . To thrive in all the many areas of life and well-being, we believe in the development of 8 habits which are Mindfulness, Fasting, Hydration, Nourishment, Connection, Exercise, Accountability, and Sleep. These 8 habits will allow for you to tap into your personal power, live your best life, master your self, reach your fullest potential and become the best versions of self by aligning your mind, body, and soul.

28 Living Wellthy Challenge


This 28 days / 4 weeks living wellthy program is designed to challenge current perceptions and assist with the creation of more positive habits. This challenge will take you on a journey and each week we will go through a process of self discovery that will assist you in the development of a strong and effective discipline utilizing 8 habits. This discipline will assist in starting or aiding you in your healing journey and will give you confidence in manifesting your highest potential! 

The Intention for Challenge:

The intention of this challenge is to holistically bring harmony to the imbalances within the mind, body, and spirit. Theses Imbalances can manifest in your life as undesired weight gain, high blood pressure, disorderliness, nervousness, anxiety, lack of focus, loneliness, unsuccessful relationships, lack of will power, lack of motivation and purpose, low and negative energy, low self esteem, and many more. 

Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Vitalii Pavlyshynets
Image by Monika Grabkowska

During this Living Wellthy Challenge,

you will learn how to progressively enhance your fitness, health, and wellness results. You will go through 4 weeks of challenging activities, that will help you balance your intellectual-mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. We will show you how to incorporate 8 habits; mindfulness, fasting, hydration, nourishment, exercise, connection, accountability, and sleep to progressively gain strength in each area of your well-being.  

You will also learn:

  • Structuring your life with new healthy habits that support overcoming mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional  barriers.

  • How to stay positive and lose undesired weight.

  • Facing and overcoming stress triggers in a healthy healing manor.

  • Ways to incorporate plant-base nourishment techniques into your lifestyle.

  • Ways to incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle.

  • How to incorporate mindful meditation into your daily routine.

  • How your lifestyle and sleep routine effect each other.

  • Accountability techniques that improve balance in your entire well-being.

Our Health, Fitness, Wellness Journey