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‘Manifest You’!

The ‘You’ who heals your mind, body, and energy


The ‘You’ who awakens your spiritual gifts


The ‘You’ who manifest your deepest desires


The ‘You’ who unlocks your divine purpose


The ‘You’ who attracts and maintains healthy relationships

Who are you now?

Are a highly sensitive person, able to sense the emotions of others, but at times feel like you are allowing others emotions to control your actions? 


Do you desire to be in relationships where you don’t feel like the person you are with is taking advantage of your kindness?


Is it easy for you to understand what others need. It’s like a gift?


Do people come to you for advice because you always know the right things to say?


Is your intuition is strong and you seem to know things without much thought? 


Is it hard for you to communicate what you are really feeling inside?


Do you desire to not allow others' emotions to control your actions?


Do you want to be loved and seen? 

Do you desire to understand why you feel the way you feel and why you react in the way you do?

Do you want to dedicate yourself to fully trying a new way of improving your life? 


What do you Desire?, and do you know how you will achieve it?

Are your Thoughts, Behaviors, and Habits pushing you towards your desires?

Your feelings about your desires are what makes them manifest.  


Your thoughts about your feelings drive your behaviors and habits, creating your focus. 


What you focus on attracts your desire to you. Say you desire to lose weight, in order for weight loss to manifest, you have to create thoughts, behaviors, and habits that are aligned with the results you desire. 


Not just any ol’ thoughts, behaviors, and habits, but ones that come from the person you desire to be. The person who has already lost weight.

Are you happy with your current results?, and are you really getting to where you want to be?


If you haven't been getting the results that bring you closer to our goal, It’s because your thoughts, behaviors, and habits aren’t aligned with your desires.

This is what our program Manifest You is about.  We help you manifest the you who has what you desire. 


We help you to create and maintain a healthy focus towards your desires. One where you focus your attention to learning how to develop and heal yourself vs. being tied to a particular outcome.


Like working out your muscles, your whole self will continue to develop and heal, constantly growing healthier & stronger.

How do you see yourself achieving your goal? 

We will teach you the tools and help you create a plan that works for your specific life, needs, and desires. 


To help you achieve the goal:

  • We will commit to working with you 1on1 every week. 

  • We will focus on what will be effective for you to achieve your goals. 


At the end of our time together, 

  • You will have tools to continue refining your plan for your greatest results. 

  • You will feel more confident in your focus. 

  • You will be aware of your feelings and how your thoughts about your feelings influence your behaviors and habits. 

  • You will have clarity on how to achieve your goal

  • Will have achieved your desired result, or sbe in the process of achieving your results. 

  • You will learn how to appreciate who you are becoming on the journey of reaching your goals instead of obsessing over the outcome.

PNG image-A878E6A7BDD1-1.png

By elevating our awareness, we shift outcomes that we don’t want to ones that are more in alignment with what we truly desire to experience. We create lifestyles that nourish our complete well - being.

Are you tired of attracting and maintaining unhealthy attachments to others?


Tired of being overweight, fighting with stress & anxiety? 

Tired of not achieving the goals you've set for yourself?


Because it's time to Manifest You beyond being tired. 

You are ready to go beyond ... 


✳ Placing your self worth in what you can achieve in your job, career, or business. 

✳ Misusing of your sexuality/ sexual energy 


✳ Needing validation from others and depending on recognition from others to know if you're doing a good job. 

✳ Not being able to set the boundaries you need.

✳ Searching for love or your soulmate, but not able to attract or maintain healthy relationships. 

✳ People pleasing and forming unhealthy attachments & attractions.

✳ Not being able to express yourself to others and not feeling comfortable being yourself when around certain people.

✳ Having long standing health issues that are not being resolved.

✳ Not eating the foods that will help your overall well being


✳ Binge eating when your emotions are triggered.

✳ Not getting enough rest or sleep because of anxiety, stress, nervousness, worrying, or overstimulation. 

✳ Over attachment to material things, having too much stuff that you do not need, but not wanting to get rid of anything.

✳ Always feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things that you need to get done.


Yes, you can!!!

✳ have your deepest desires.


✳ live a life created with purpose and aspiration. 

✳ be who you feel that you really are! 

It’s time to create the future of

your dreams

PNG image-7D35775C7628-1.png

We help  you be the person who...

✳ lives based on your own chosen purpose


✳ attracts and maintains healthy genuine relationships

✳ learns the tools to heal yourself

We can help you have the life you have always imagined. One that's filled with purpose, a healthy mind and body, with people who absolutely love and adore you!

Ready to become the best version of you so that you can manifest the life you have always desired?


Greetings, We are
Alden & Valencia

Together we run Wellness Honie, a holistic practice that uses the wisdom that is abundant within nature to provide assistance and guidance on how to holistically

✳ heal chronic health conditions

✳ attract and maintain healthy relationships

✳ manifest goals and desires

We accomplish this by: 

✳ coaching and guiding how to overcome negative thinking and emotional cycles.

✳ cultivating and curating healing items that develop the mind, heal the body, and manifest the energy.

✳ Energy healing and Fitness training to heal 

unproductive habits and develop better behavioral patterns.

Modalities we work with: Reiki, Aerobics, Yoga, Tarot, Astrology, Qi Gong



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