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Overcome Challenges
to Love Workshop

Overcome whatever challenge you have to finding a great loving partner.

Is it a challenge for you to find a great partner to love?

The reason why it is challenging for you to find love is because you avoid it. You avoid it because either you don’t believe you will find what you want or you are scared of getting hurt.

Here are 12 signs you avoid love:

  1. You don’t trust people. 

  2. You pursue the wrong kind of people. 

  3. You attract the wrong kind of people.  

  4. You want what you can’t have.

  5. You go with the flow.

  6. You settle.

  7. You are ‘too busy’.

  8. You are Insecure.

  9. You are too picky.

  10. You lie about your relationship status. 

  11. You don’t do titles.

  12. You are only interested in sex.

Do any of these signs resonate with you, but you don't see how they are affecting you from finding a great partner to love? 

Sign up for this workshop, and learn to identify how you avoid love, why you do, and how to overcome it.

We know you can overcome it. 


We are confident that you can because we know that when you learn our 4 strategies, you will have no problem finding the love that you deeply desire. 


The 4 Strategies

Stop Avoiding Love and Get What You Really Want! 

Learn to effectively incorporate these 4 strategies to stop settling for toxic relationships full of fussing, fighting, codependency, sex-friends only committed to sex, and meeting people who don’t want all that you want. 


This workshop was created for you to get answers to the questions you have about why you don’t currently have the kind of relationship you really want and how you can get the kind of partner you really want to be with. 

Enjoying the Sunset

This Workshop is for You if You:

  • Do not see how your behaviors help or hurt you.

  • Are not intune with your feelings. 

  • Do not understand how your past plays a part in the results you have now.

  • Are ready to focus on getting what you want.

There is a great partner out there who you can love and wants to love you back! 

I'm Ready, Sign Me Up!


Hosted by "Chief" Alden & Valencia Scott Cheatham,
Founders of Wellness Honie.

We help our clients heal themselves, and heal their relationships.

We have been together for seventeen years and married for thirteen. We have three sons. We maintain our union through awareness, devotion, and sacrifice. 

We feel that having a healthy marriage isn't by chance, it's created through consistent efforts on each of our parts.

We spend a lot of time working on ourselves and giving each other space to be exactly who we are while building a life and business together that make sense for us. 

What's our secret to a long lasting loving relationship? 


Constantly, choosing what is best for ourselves, being open and honest with each other about what we want, and deciding that we will create a life together on our own terms.

Strong relationships are built on strong decisions and accountability to those decisions. You have the power to create the kind of relationship you always wanted. You just have to decide that's what you want and make decisions that get you the results you desire. 

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