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Completion, Endings, Loss, Transformation, Feeling Defeated

Illusions, Balance, Intuition, Emotional Intelligence, End of Cycles

Balance Outer World with Inner World, Confidence, Inner Strength, Outer Strength, Surety, Stability, Determination, Knowing, Lessons Learned

Sun in Sagittarius on its way out on Dec 22

Higher consciousness, Endings, Higher Knowledge, Wisdom, Transformation, Spiritual Labor

Capricorn Energy moving in background with theme lingering “Life built on lessons learned”, Birth, New Order, New Light, Nurture, Provider, Tradition

It has been a tough month. You’ve lost so much - family, spouse, friends, partnership, money, opportunities and even your mind. One thing you have learned is that you’re a survivor. It’s clear because your still standing. You may be down, but you’re not out. You may have lost a lot , but what have you found? Strength and Freedom. Stay positive.

What ever was lost was never for you and it was only holding you down. You may be disappointed now, but when it’s all said and done, you will realize those things you were clinging to was just distractions and illusions of what you thought you wanted, but is not what you need for your present reality and definitely not for your future. Find comfort in that.

With these distractions removed, now you are free to focus your attention on what really matters to you. Now you can manifest your truest life the one you always was supposed to live. There is knowledge and wisdom in those losses. Take those lessons and use them to build the necessary foundations for your future. Stability, determination, diligence, self control, balance should be your driving force for the next few days. Doing this will ensure future emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual success!

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