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Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

(Stationed Direct: January 27, 2008 to Nov 26, 2024)

Pluto signals transformation in whatever zodiac it is transiting. Pluto is in our sign of Capricorn which holds our long term pursuits. Capricorn holds our Life Purpose. It’s what we are here to accomplish; It is our legacy. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn represents our boundaries and what purpose emerges as a result of those boundaries. It holds our hard lessons, tuff decisions, and sense of authority.

Consideration #1

Pluto retrograde trigging a dejva sensation in our lives.


We feel as if we been here before. The things we are experiencing are different, but the feelings are eerily familiar. We are seemingly going back into a past time when we were working on an important part of ourselves that we are called now to resurrect for this next part of our journey. There are some gems buried in the pockets of those experiences that could be very useful right now if uncovered. It could give our current transformations some much needed context. There is opportunity to unlock a karmic revelation about some past debts. Acknowledging these debts, opens up insight from a more matured perspective that could be solution to resolving past mentality issues. Liberating Self from negative unconcious behavior patterns that are affecting the now. What ever to be gained from this retrograde is based on ones own abilities to quickly recognize faulty perceptions and release them. This is a major key during this retrograde because having the potential to unlock negative unconscious behavior patterns is a game changer. #SourceCode

Consideration # 2

Pluto Retrograde is transforming our sense of purpose and legacy.


We are feeling different priorities emerging within our reality and as result conflicts from past priorities are triggering old behavior patterns. There is a major shift happening in focus and is changing the cope of what we truly feel our legacies should be moving forward. What are our true priorities and what do we need to uphold them? We need to really consider this as we are in Taurus Season, and it provides the right conditions to highlight important resources. Understanding who we are transforming into will help to secure resources that support the sustainability of the emerging being and craft the lifestyle it needs to thrive in coming times.

Consideration # 3

Pluto Retrograde is highlighting the ways are we holding ourselves back from transformation.


What are the things we know we should do, but we still avoid doing? Why do we put off tomorrow what we know we could do today? What's the resistance to doing it right now? What we avoid is a trigger for some hidden resistance towards whatever is being avoided. Resistance is an important clue. It shows us where we should seek more clarity into the strong intense feelings that are being provoked. Resistance are prompts from the soul. It's important to really sit with the feelings. There is an important lesson in the way this situation will unfold. Really consider why there is resistance especially if it’s something we “think” is important to us? Is it really as important as we think it is? Take assessment of pros and cons. If we find that it is, how can we make it a priority? How can we help switch the focus? How can we assist our being to take on the perspective to approach it as an opportunity? Consider, why we might not be “ready”. How can we get ready?


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