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Pallas Athena Rx: The Creative Genius

Pallas Athena is Retrograde (Rx) in the Aquarius from May 17 to June 2, 2020 where it will enter Rx in Capricorn. It will then station direct on Dec 5, 2020 where it will enter back into Aquarius on Dec 7 , 2020 and remain there until it enters Pisces on Mar 7, 2021.

When Pallas Athena is stationed direct our focus is tuned to the wisdom of the future. However, when it is Rx, our focus is tuned to the wisdom from the past.There is a need to express this re-emerging wisdom through the arts especially the visual arts, such as photography, graphic art, video production, movies, design, painting, pottery, etc. The art created will have healing qualities that will not only bring healing to the artist, but will be of great assistance in the healing of others. This time is not just for the ‘known’ creatives, artist and/ or musicians, but for the ‘undiscovered’ artist within each and everyone of us.

We will find solace in the music. It will be our therapy. It will have a soothing effect on our rational minds and make us more susceptible to the wisdom of our intuitive mind. We will see things from our mind’s eye with respect to our feelings. The objective is to connect various themes together to make one complete picture in our mind and then to express that thought through our creative mediums. The art and music that’s created now will have long lasting affects for generations to come. It will open up the streams of consciousness that we previously didn’t have access to. Take advantage of these opportunities to transcend through art. Don’t hold back create radical forms of art, computer graphics, science fiction art, etc. Liberation your self from the condiments of what makes sense to your logical and rational mind and allow your self to express your deepest insecurities. Be inspired by your life experiences and create opportunities to have more inspired events in the present.

Today's Affirmation:

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