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Mercury transit Taurus ♉️

Expressing our needs and truths will be heighten from April 27 - May 11 as Mercury transit Taurus . We may find communication to be more grounded. There could be less of need to be confrontational with others even if they are with us. We will have the know - how to navigate intense situations with well thought out actions and intentions. Intuitive messages will be strongly felt through our physical world. Ideas will be grounded, efficient and practical.

During this time, let’s bring awareness to the ways we utilize physical communication with others, the environment and universe and how we can improve these relations:

  1. Perfect time to consider manifestations

  2. Focus on the Solar plexus and Throat chakras!

  3. Nourish with Bananas 🍌 and or Blueberries...

  4. Start a daily ritual


Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy!

Interested in Living Wellthy during Taurus Season?

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