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King of Wands Tarot

King of Wands

Signs: Cancer ( Cardinal Water ) & Leo ( Fixed Fire )


Be Receptive

Someone trustworthy may aided in solving an issue for you, or you may be the person to provide aid. This will bring some much needed clarity to the situation for all the people involved including you. Themes from the experience may offer inspiration for a none related situation. This is a time to be open to advice from other sources with different perspectives and from those who are wise and have more experience.

Channel Confidence

Look back at accomplishments and remember a time when you were emotionally stable, confident, and was able to showcase your Self in the best light. Channel this image and store it into your awareness as this image could be useful in the near future.

Be Modest

There could be an opportunity for financial windfall. This unexpected harvest is results from your past actions. Do be careful with how you utilize this windfall as this is not a time for risky investments. Spend a little, conserve the rest. Pay attention to the signs as there are messages all around making known what the windfall should be used for.

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