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Half Moon Virgo

Updated: May 30, 2020

The half moon signals a turning point in the cycle. We have set our intentions and know what we are working towards. Now, we have to take time to consider how we will move our projects/ goals forward. We must determine the next steps that brings us closer to completion.

Half Moon Virgo


Half Moon Virgo brings with it several choices that will result in different circumstances and outcomes. The weight of those choices could cause anxiety and nervousness. Which ever choice is made will have a major influence on your well-being for positive or negative. Be sure to consider, the direction and its effects on your health, wellness & healing.

You may have to seek outside support to assess what is working and not working in your life. Maybe it's time to try a new approach or get some advice from a trusted source. Half Moon in Virgo calls us to be methodological, thorough and meticulous when making decisions. Weigh the pros and cons by writing them down.

Analyze as much information about the choices you have available you from all different channels that you receive information physically and metaphysically. Be sure to take into count your gut feelings and emotions. These feelings may not have much logic reasoning, but this sensory information will be of valuable when finalizing your decision.

Don’t get too caught up on the tiny details. Be aware of them just don’t get lost in having to figure everything out or having to know a lot of information before you make your decision. Trust that your mind, body and soul will guide you to a proper conclusion.

3 Considerations for Half Moon Virgo

  1. Feeling more concerned with health, healing and wellbeing.

  2. May feel more detailed originated and have a more critical voice in your head.

  3. You may be questioning your actions, reasoning and responses to things you do, say, and think. Wondering why you do what you do and is it beneficial for accomplishing your goals.

How to Utilize Energy


Focus on organizing your efforts by goal planning, organizing, meal planning & prep, scheduling, creating to do list & workflows, detoxing & healing.

Questions to Ponder


What could be blocking our growth at this point in the cycle?

What steps can we take to remove this block?

The Weekly Detox Tip


Strengthen your aura and core with Aloe Vera Juice!

Do you at times feel sluggish, suffer with anxiety, digestive issues, experience acne break outs and/ or emotional instability?

Meditate on your intentions and consider detoxing with Aloe Vera juice which has many benefits as a potent cleansing and rejuvenating tonic that is very nutrient rich and beneficial to the body. It has ability to clean the liver and protect the digestive system by reducing intestinal inflammation. Spiritually and energetically it cleanses body of evil spirits and negative energy respectively. It offers spiritual upliftment, protection and good luck.

Half Moon Virgo Affirmation



Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy

Would you like guidance on working with Half Moon Virgo? Feel free to contact us at

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