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Full Moon Sagittarius • Lunar Eclipse Reading

Full Moon Sagittarius • Lunar Eclipse

( 06. 05. 20 - 06. 20. 20 )

Full moon energy is an opportunity to go inner and deals with our subconscious realities. It manifest as clarity and full awareness on issues needing resolutions. Lunar eclipses occur at full moons when the moon is near its full state and enters the Earth's shadow. It triggers unexpected events and forces us to make quick decisions on issues we have long been struggling with. It’s time for change and a clear decision. Lunar eclipse highlights our shadow side and can bring up dark feelings. Sagittarius Sign of optimism, high ideals, tolerance, higher knowledge, truth - seeking, politics, religion, authority, and morals.

Grief, disappointment and loss are all themes this Lunar Eclipse triggers as we reexamine all of our relationships especially the one we have with our nations. Challenges to the law and order of existing systematic and political structures. Questions of how these structures can provide proper security and protection for the survival of all individual groups within the whole. As we contemplate on what is fair and just for all, we are up against authority in many forms; law enforcement, nature, religions leaders, CEO’s, political leaders, family, parents, bosses, friends, society, partner and/ or Self. We want justice for all, but everyone doesn’t define justice in the same way and resistance runs deep within the fabric of our reality. It is strongly felt within the minds of the righteous and elite. Nevertheless, be intentional with your activism. Know what you are fighting for and stand firm in your position when called. DO take note when the energy calls for you to step up and back down. You need to beware of the long term implications of your actions. This is not the time to be compulsive, careless or over zealous. DON’T be afraid of what’s to come through. Use your intuition wisely and be very aware of when things need to change.

Questions to Ponder

  1. What injustices have I experienced in my life that evokes rage and anger?

  2. Where have I been treated unfairly?

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