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Owner and founder of Wellness Honie

Coach Alden here. I formally managed various areas of a concrete plant for 13 years. I have since left the full time Exec work for the dream life of coaching healthier ways of living, and more efficient ways of working, all while increasing quality of life. My wife V, is a wellness coach and doula. We partner together, as Wellness Honie, to bring health & wellness to our community. 

I’m a Life & Fitness Coach. I help anyone who is overweight, out of shape, or seriously wants to transform their life. My goal is to help you gain deep understanding of what's truly important to you, how to obtain it, and how to maintain it. My intentions are to push our community members into determining manifestation goals that match their aspirations.

I'm the coach you come to when you need to understand why you make the decisions you make, how to make the changes that will work for your specific life and the life you are ready to build. 

I'm here to help you be exactly who you want to be during the toughest and most necessary growing pains and transformations you may ever face. 

I'm creatively strategic, and I can understand how and why obstacles get your way and how to maneuver with the obstacles to keep progressing. 


I have lost over 130lbs in my personal fight against obesity and high blood pressure, and I'm keeping it off.  


I have the life knowledge to help people who are facing similar challenges, need support, and are ready to really change their life. 

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