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Recognize Anxiety in Yourself (Anxiety Awareness Course)


This course will help you to Recognize Anxiety in Yourself. It will help you become aware of the subtle ways anxiety can manifest in your life. Most times, we think that having anxiety is always having worryful thoughts about something, but it can also show up as restlessness and finding it hard to relax. Each week, we will walk you through a different way anxiety can manifest in your life and take you through an effective process to recognize when you're having it. Why is it important to recognize anxiety? Anxiety that you aren’t fully aware of, can seriously affect your mental and physical well-being. When we have anxious tendencies, to cope, we create unintentional habits that might makes us feel better in the moment, but are detriment to our health, wellbeing and relationships in the long term. This course is self paced and is intended to take 4 weeks to complete. However, we are currently creating this course along side of our current live 4 week workshop and will make each lesson available here once we conclude the workshop for the week. Here is the live schedule: February 05, 2024 - See the Signs February 12, 2024 - What's the Trigger? February 19, 2024 - How does it Feel? February 26, 2024 - What Cha Think

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